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Assuming a basic knowledge of HTML coding and web page design, this class moves into large-scale site development,
and an introduction to advanced web technologies. Building on the web page design concepts introduced in 4004-741,
this course focuses on site design issues, including scalability, maintenance, and integration of web technologies into the
business or organizational context. Technologies introduced include cascading style sheets, dynamic HTML, basic
JavaScript, and streaming media.


- Section List
- 10 AM – noon on Tues & Thurs
- Building 70 – Room 3690
- office hours: TBA


- Prof. Jeff Sonstein
- phone: +1 585.475.7315
- office: 70–2555
- office hours: TBA


- Joe Spens
- Office Hours (IT Open Lab 70-2670)
Tu 2-4pm – Fri 1-3pm
Sat 2-4pm 8-11pm – Sun 8-11pm